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Mackie DLM 8 powered speaker buying advice needed?


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Hello, I want to buy a new Mackie DLM8 powered speaker today for live gigging with my keyboards because the DLM8 is so small and light.

. Does anyone have some first-hand experience playing keys through this speaker or the DLM12? Thanks a lot, David

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I bought them with the 12. You'll be impressed with the quality. I bought them for smaller venues where my Barbettas w/ the 41 Sub and their Horns just don;t work as well. I have to drive them to get the sound I want, and I do love the sound quality, but I can;t get that quality at lower levels, where as the DLM8s impress at every level, and while they won't be as directional, they cannot be beat for gigs where you want quality stereo in 200-300 seat Clubs.

I use an SE-1 and EML-101, Solaris and an XITE-1 DSP rack for Kontakt, and the low end of the 8s is pretty decent, but the Sub really polishes up the wall of FAT I create.

The best part is setting them on my stands, I can carry one in each hand and lift them like a dumbell.

Easy money...

Magnus C350 and a TV Dinner Tray Stand



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