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And you thought modern pop was suggestive?


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In the 70s, used to roam the record stores looking for something unusual, and had to pick this one up when I saw it. Always liked "I Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl", by Besse Smith.


"May you stay...forever young."



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For a little perspective, there was a classic early blues duo, Tampa Red and Georgia Tom, a guitar/piano duo (respectively) who were among the earliest blues stars, and were hugely influential to the course of almost all music that the vast majority of players here on KC and MP in general admire. One of their biggest hits was "It's Tight Like That" in 1928. Tampa Red continued on as one of the most important pre-WWII blues stars, and when he went electric post WWII, he truly helped define the sound and the approach to electric guitar. He was, in essence, essential. Georgia Tom, on the other hand, went on to write and perform a lot of music under his birth name, Thomas A. Dorsey. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that name, I'd sincerely suggest you Google it.


Music like this was pervasive back then. When I argue that a lot of jazz and blues, and the musics that descended from them, are party/f%^&ing music, you have to realize that Shave Em Dry was somewhat the rule, not the exception....

A ROMpler is just a polyphonic turntable.
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