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Bass-full 80s sounds on the PC3

Theo Verelst

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So where are those even and funny mellotron sounds, the rough and bassy epianos, the drums that understand their the space they sound through, the pianos that rock, etc. ?


On the graveyard or wastepaper basket the wrong flanges, the FFT-killed, low hyped, stupified high end compressed, wrongly multicompressed, "power"-killed, sheared-waves, incorrectly tube spoil corrected, ridiculously and loudness-incorrect supercompressed sh8t has ended up in ? I don't know, but that's what many CDs do wrong for readons unknown to humanity, and kept rather secret, even at dedicated (post-) "producer" events.


Was that all a reason to also mess up resample-ability of tracks and file-encodings, mess with harmonizations and randomly apply FFt based mess (even with stitches between time segments), only to feed incorrectly functioning and limited studio monitors with more ugly boomyness built in an a hobbyist from the 80s would care be caught dead with ? Apparently.


Must we now also put all this mess 9and more) in digital synthesizers, just because we learned how to f*ck things up because of the "new' music? Hell no!


So here's some stuff I've been into, multi-compressing and tube pre-distorting, sampling correcting and mid-range averaging *in the PC3*, so that all can try out a different range of sounds, which in many cases are more musical, and in some cases (not all) already more pleasing, even if it were only for the love of trying out the presumed (I'm pretty sure) studio processing that goes on in the sampling and VAST and KDFX, by using similar effects explicitly and observing how the actual intelligence which appears in the machine (besides the rather superficial intelligence) responds, and observing more normal meter and spectrum and FFT-spectrum behavior:


pc3mutumi1.mp3 6 min 42 sec, 44.1 kHz stereo mp3, 256 kilobit/sec (free for non-commercial use only)


(Recorded from digital out running 44.1 kHz/24 bit, upsampled with highest "live" quality (Linux "alsa_in", q=4) to 192kHz, 32 bit floating point per channel, hard limited (if needed, I didn't check), recorded realtime with no further processing by "ffmpeg" in CD quality wav, which was straight converted to the mp3. The first part of the recording 9apart from the setup, which has it's own master effects) I had a little bit of Master Equalizer on, the last "Epiano" sound had this eq all off)


And here are the special piano+rom piano+synth tryout setup (with the programs and effects), the synth bass/drum split program, and the last electric piano for your entertainment/education/whatever:


beatninrhds3bgf2_pl.pc3 or beatninrhds3bgf2_pl.zip (same content) : 1 setup with 3 programs and 2 programs, all with effects (full PC3(K) is need, there are 15 or so effects in all these sounds)


"But I never enrolled in your university", "What do we get to do", "the so-many-th download, is that still fun ?"...


Of course, feel free to take little notice of this. You can discuss, learn, tweak and share, etc. OH YEAH it is still fun, but that's for individuals themselves to judge, isn't it ?


Theo V.

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