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I've officially got NAMM 2013 GAS - DSI Prophet 12!!

Jason Stanfield

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this looks and sounds very interesting, but I want to hold off to the Messe to see what new synth Clavia is going to release....

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The Prophet 12 is scary-good. I think we now need a bigger, thumbs-up emoticon.


If my long lost, rich 'uncle' died and left me a fortune I might consider the Schmidt, or more likely the Solaris - in addition to a Prophet 12 :crazy:. But the Prophet 12 alone is within the GTOR ( GAS-to-obtainability ratio), over the next 12 - 24 months; yikes.... Miss having a poly - RA voice in the toolbox. I recall projects from the late 80's in which I used a Prophet 600 and OB-Xa. Still have recordings that are full of MKS-80 sounds; didn't sell that one off until '08. Not so much live, but for originals and sessions RA was a staple in the rig. A Prophet 12 'tabletop' ( :idea: ) could certainly find a place in the live rig though :D .

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We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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A Prophet 12 'tabletop' ( :idea: ) could certainly find a place in the live rig though :D .


+1. Not sure they could easily do it in a reasonable size rack mountable format. The prophet 08 rack is already fairly dense and there are considerably more controls on the 12.


So I would vote for a non-rackable table top with the wheels and ribbon controllers. But not sure I see that happening.



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I had first thought that I would just keep my DSI Prophet'08 and not GAS over the '12. 2 things I really like in addition to the obvious extra polyphony and the 4th oscillator are the internal power supply and what seems to be (can someone verify this?)the ability to call up a patch using a numeric keypad like the original Prophet 5. On the '08, one must scroll through 2 banks of sounds to get to the patch you want. I don't care for this system of locating patches. other than that, it's a wonderful synth.
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Here's another video, which provides a lot more sound examples:




Man... That sounds like an old Novachord.....





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