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New Muse Research Receptors


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For the record: Tony was a big help - via a couple of late night phone sessions - in my getting the Receptor 2+ Pro set up for gigging.


The 2ProMax Tony has worked great at the hang. I was able to see how he set it up within a multi-module / keyboard rig. It's a cool setup, but Tony I can understand your wish to break things down and simplify, getting more out of less stuff.


Tony, if I understand this right (and please correct me if I'm wrong), your Receptor 2ProMax was a completely new unit, vs. an upgrade of an older unit - done at Muse's facility. I wonder if the fact that my Receptor 2+ Pro was an upgrade from a Rev. C 500 (alternately called a Receptor Jr.) caused the repeated issues with mine. Muse reps ultimately stated that it was not an issue, but after I twice returned it for troubleshooting / repair after the upgrade, and it was returned with essentially the same problem (ok, in all fairness, it failed to boot properly about 30 % of the time, vs. the previous 50%), I still wonder. It spent a long time at Muse's shop, and the techs had the thing in pieces, spoke of being puzzled by some of the issues presented, replaced a lot of it, etc.. Shortly after getting it back the final time, I gave up and sold it at a loss larger the typical use depreciation of most gear, it was essential to inform potential buyers of the issue(s); actually I screened out strictly live users. During the final go-round of repair, I did ask, twice - all the way up the corporate chain at Muse - simply for a replacement unit. That request was denied.


I suppose the lesson is: If it works great from the get-go, then you have a pretty powerful, and useful tool in your kit. Otherwise, you may end up with the crazy cycle I got stuck in. While the guys there did make a heroic effort in attempting to service the gremlins out of my unit, ultimately I got stuck holding a bit of a white elephant. Started to remind me of my Memorymoog debacle; 1983 all over again....

'Someday, we'll look back on these days and laugh; likely a maniacal laugh from our padded cells, but a laugh nonetheless' - Mr. Boffo.


We need a barfing cat emoticon!








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