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In all twelve keys craze

yannis D

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Many of the jazz greats were noted for calling standards in odd keys on the bandstand. Some liked the feel of a certain key over the standard key, other times they were just putting some newbie in his/her place.

In college I transcribed Oscar Peterson's solo in "Joy Spring" and found out, to my chagrin, that he had played it in the key of A, rather than the standard F (modulating to F#). No real reason for it, I'm sure, except that it made a difficult tune nearly impossible.

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Playing a standard in an odd key is a thing. Playing a song in... 7 odd keys, is what drives me crazy. The way he modulates from one key to another is genius. That said, what i hear on my speakers is not appealing to me. It really drives me crazy to jump from one tonic center to the next within seconds-like interrupted sex again and again :)

BTW, this pianists is fantastic and very melodic. This is one of his few show of tunes...

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