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TC Electronics Combo


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Wonder what you all have to think about this new combo from TC Electronics. Well it may not be new but it is to me. Seems interesting enough though. You can upload new effects through your pickups via a smart phone (or computer). I wish you could have all the effects available together, not that I use them but if I'm just messing around I would like to be able to just hit a button or switch to change. I guess this is close enough to that though.


Weighs in at 35 lbs. 250 watts. $399. I really like the price. I may pick one up. Was thinking about the Fender Bronco based on Seamy's review but I like the 250 watts vs. the 40. For me, I would like the option to use the amp for band jams and such.



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I like the whole idea of the TC Electronic stuff. It's genius to come up with switching effects like that. That said, I haven't messed around with these and don't know how they work out in real life - I wonder how easy/quick is it to load the effects and how consistently do they work (is it glitchy?).


Also I'm sure you saw, but the BG250 is a 15" vs. the single 10" in the Bronco. Not a bad thing in my opinion but something to keep in mind.

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