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Garage Band


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Enjoyed Stephen Fortner's review of Garage Band in Keyboard magazine. My problem is the 'sustain' button on keyboards in Garage Band while playing with an external MIDI to USB keyboard. The sustain button seems to be either ON all the time or OFF all the time. It doesn't respond to damper pedal appropriately. If I hit the damper pedal, the sustain changes to ON all the time, and doesn't go off when I let up the damper pedal. Very frustrating - otherwise this would be great to play with external keyboard. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks!


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Occasionally both with garageband and especially mainstage, If I open the program before turning on the usb keyboards, I run into these sorts of problems.

When it happens, I close the program, turn off the keyboard, turn it back on and re-start the program, and it has always solved the problem for me.



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