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bass demos by Richard Bona

jeremy c

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Wandering around on the web, I found these demos by Richard Bona. Obviously, these are ads for a bass company making a Jazz bass type instrument. I don't think Richard would sound much different on any other instrument. I've heard him live a few times playing a Fodera.


I think you'll like these four short videos.






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Nice find, Jeremy.


When he starts to sing so effortlessly and so relaxed, I feel so humbled.


Vero, amico mio.


I've seen him play live a handful of times, every time w/ a VBass equipped Fodera 5-string. It's unreal... The natural musicality of his playing and singing and interaction with the other musicians.







Fanboy? Why, yes! Nordstrand Pickups and Guitars.

Messiaen knew how to parlay the funk.

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