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pianos for Ableton Live


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FWIW, using Live 8 standard, not Studio, and I'm not using any packs (yet).


The included acoustic is bright and not at all subtle, but it works in a pop arrangement. I'm attempting an all-Ableton version of Thomas Dolby's "I Love You Goodbye," and it's perfect for that.


The delivered EPs--"Electric" engine = Lounge Lizard engine. I used to like it a lot, but I've become more of a fan of Pianoteq Stage's Rhody/Wurly instruments.


There are at least a couple of grand piano packs available, and for EPs, the Sonicouture Wurli/Rhodes are available.


Any reason you are avoiding VSTs/AUs? If Live were for sure the absolute center of my world, I suppose the packs would suffice, but I can't imagine locking yourself in when there are lots of interesting choices out there.



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Ah, well, from what I've seen so far, much of the Ableton stuff is often repackaged sample libs optimized for the Ableton environment (pre-mapped controls, preset lists).


I suppose the benefit there is that you're guaranteed more stability by not hooking a third-party sample playback engine into the Ableton environment.



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