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Korg CX-3 v2 (early lipped version) problem


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Well, I received my new (used) cx-3 today from Guitar Center...and despite me specifically asking the guy about whether the keys had lips on them, and him saying "no", it's an older one with the lips. Serial number is less than 600, wish I'd thought to ask that instead...


And sure enough it double-triggers, and it's worse than I imagined.


I've seen other posts concerning this, and some suggestion of fixes and workarounds, but I've also seen info that suggests it can't be fixed (or the fix stated was "replace keyboard") :P


Now on the good side I have 30 days to return it to my local GC. I don't really want to do this if I can get around the double-triggering; the board is in fantastic shape and came with a nice anvil case and was a good deal. It sounds really good to me and it feels nice to play (the small lips on the keys don't seem to get in the way, though I only played it for a few minutes before having to get back to work...). Not to mention I just returned a pc361 two weeks ago after UPS destroyed one of the corners...these issues are not my fault but it's no fun to be returning these boards.



The possible fixes I've seen:

- firmware update. I don't want to risk "bricking" the thing, though I could bring it back if that happened...as it is the thing is not really playable with the double-triggering bug. I'll talk with my local GC and see if they'd do it (with me not responsible)


- midi the thing to itself. Meaning turning local off. If the thru still works to allow the CX-3 to be a midi controller I could deal with this, especially if it's a set-and-forget thing. Obviously a hassle to have a midi cable connected all the time and it irks me to have to do it.



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I'm sure at least part of this issue is me not being used to shallow-trigger waterfall keys. I'll give it some more time before making a decision, I have up to 30 days. However, the fact that Korg felt the need to change things makes me think it's not 100% intended behavior.
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I'm sure at least part of this issue is me not being used to shallow-trigger waterfall keys.

You can turn off the shallow trigger, maybe that would work better for you. It may not be the perfect fix, but it's a free one.

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I have an older CX3, Mine is a little higher in the serial number, but the pre 600 serial number CX3's had key bed issues that double trigger. Mine does it slightly, but not as bad as the original series did. Definitely try what Scott suggested it should help. It looks like you have the version 2 software already, which did help that issue, but if it is still there the replacement key bed is the only fix. I know a few people that had them replaced back in 2002/3 when they came out and said it fixed the issue.
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I'm back at work now but I do recall seeing some drawbars in the initial loading screen, so that suggests (from another post I read) that I may have the latest OS. Without that I won't have the option to set to "Deep".


If I do have the shallow/deep option I'll give it a shot. Part of the reason I got this impractical beast :D is to work on organ technique though, so I was looking forward to having shallow waterfall action. We'll see.


For what it's worth, I played a friend's Roland VR-760 for a while last week and it has a pretty similar, easy action; I never once noticed any double-triggering. Then again, he said there's some kind of action setting so maybe he had the equivalent of "deep" on and I never even noticed! I'm going to bring it over there and we'll each do some comparisons of action and sound.

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I definitely have the latest OS.

I tried the "deep" setting and I didn't get any double-triggers. For my neanderthal style of playing it was hard to notice a difference, I had to get real light to see the triggering difference. I notice most of the players I see in vids seem to have a light touch.


Still, I bought an organ partially for the organ shallow action; and when it happens it's not a good thing at all, sounds like I'm messing up (even when I'm actually not messing up!) Any kind of staccato fast notes on the white keys does it.


Additionally, I'm not sure if this is some kind of setting I need to override, but the percussion buttons on the right don't seem to make any difference at all to the sound. If I hear percussion, turning it off does nothing, and same goes for turning it on. Weird.

(EDIT: reading through the manual now during a work lull, and I may have been using the lower manual drawbars when I monkeyed with the percussion...it was late and I don't know my way around the thing yet... :blush: that might explain it!)


There's a few issues with the buttons sticking and one drawbar sticking a bit. Not a killer, used gear is used, but...Even the case, while verrrry protective, is way overkill for a weekend player like me...anvil flight case lol, weighs a ton. There's a CX3 for sale locally, newer v2 model, I'm going to check it out to see if it double-triggers on shallow setting.


Thanks for the info everyone. Overall I really like the board, makes me want to play it, so if I can find one without the issue(s) I'm set!

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