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OT: 8th Street Music


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I ordered a couple items from them a long time ago (8-10 years?) and had no problems.


I have had a couple problems on Amazon and both times it was when they were front-ending the sale to another entity. One time, the end seller wasn't even in business any more.

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I've ordered a good bit of stuff from them, never had a problem.


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I purchased an AKG D112 kick drum mic from 8th Street about 10 years ago and had no problem.

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Thanks fellers, I guess there is hope. My tale so far: Ordered a Boss recorder, refurbished (nice price) on 26th after seeing it "in stock" on Amazon. Got an email right away from 8th street: "we don't have one, we can get another (refurbed), will take 5-10 days". I said yes. 10 days passed, no response. I wrote again, they responded "Oh, well we'll get it early next week and notify you".


It's now "early next week". :facepalm::rolleyes: Aint heard a peep, so I can only assume that tomorrow will be the day they start to ship :rolleyes: the unit I bought and paid shipping for. Oy.

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Refurbed, eh? So they have to find another one, just any new stock won't do.


They told me on the 26th that they (err, someone)had another refurbished one. Apparently, they store the refurbed models on another planet and they are waiting for the cargo ship. :idk My guess is they can't find another and are just stalling, for what purpose I have no idea.


At this point, I'm displeased. I'm miffed. I'm even nonplussed. I'm filled with a sense of vexation. :laugh:

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