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Komplete Audio 6 Interface and Software


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I recently purchase Komplete Audio 6 usb audio/midi interface and it came with Cubase LE6, Komplete Elements (with Kontakt 5 player), Reaktor and Reaktor Spark, Guitar Rig 5, and Traktor. The box said it came with 3GB of Content and over a thousand sounds. Well I thought the presets were a bit short so I counted them.


In Kontakt 5 you get 10 band instruments, 3 Orchestral, 12 Synth, 6 Urban Beats, 21 Vintage and 7 World Instuments, 1 Abbey Road Drum Instrument for a total of 59 instruments. Then in Cubase Halion you get 176 VST instruments. For a total of 235. Then if you go into Reaktor and Reaktor Spark you get 468 instrument presets. For a Grand total of 704 instruments. I'm guessing Guitar Rig 5 they count the amps and different effects to come up with over a 1,000 instruments.


Now I might be missing something, but when I bought the package I thought I was going to get 1,000 instruments that worked in Kontakt 5, not just 59. Overall though I'm happy with the price of $229, the interface, and most of the software if I can figure out how to use it all. Maybe some day I'll save some more pennies and buy Komplete 8. Hopefully that has a ton more presets. Am I missing something or is that how they got their so called 1000 instruments.


Also my VST's sometimes will pop. I think I have to raise the latency and increase the buffer to fix it. Is that correct?


I'm pretty new to the software stuff as I usually use my hardware instruments. I had to buy a new midi interface, because the TASCAM one (which I didn't get to use very long), became unsupported for Windows 7 when that came out as they no longer make drivers for it.

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I found the Native Instruments forum to be very helpful and supportive. I recommend you register over there too (if you haven't done so).


I'm an (ex) NI Kore user. Very sorry to see them dump it.


VST pops and clicks - afraid so - welcome to the world of software instruments. I hope that messing around with latency and buffer settings is all you ever have to sort out.


Good luck and best wishes for a "rice crispie audio" free 2013.


I'm the piano player "off of" Borrowed Books.
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