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Kurzweil sp4-7 trouble?


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Just purchased a new kurzweil sp4-7 today I was playing and mst have accidentally changed a setting as now two keys when I play them sound as if I have the sustain pedal pressed all other keys are fine, I've tried resetting to factory settings no luck!?......
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Check your OS version. I recall when I bought mine (original OS) there were many bugs - hung notes being one - that were fixed in OS2x.


Here are just a few (pasted from OS2.1 release notes).






Fixed: bugs leading to potential system freezes on power up.

Fixed: previously, during bootup, MIDI coming in or plugging in a MIDI cable would freeze the unit.

Fixed bug with USB MIDI that, under particular circumstances, could cause a noticeable delay in playing the keyboard while being connected to a computer via USB.

Fixed: under particular circumstances the unit was not getting detected as a USB-MIDI device.

Fixed: very rare occurrence of "missed pedal events".

Fixed: stuck note bug where Note Offs were ignored when the keyboard was suddenly used to select a key (for eg. when choosing a split key)

Fixed: was crashing when a MIDI connected PC3 was powered on.

Fixed: demo was starting in response to MIDI start.




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