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Kontakt and Media Player simultaneously?


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Can I use kontakt and media player at the same time to play Galaxy Vintage D with media plays?


I guess ASIO4All doesn't support this? Is there a work around without creating too much latency?


On a PC, the mediaplayer using WAVE driver will introduce much latency always.

But what´s the fuss if you only listen to the music ?

Use Kontakt w/ ASIO driver and mediaplayer w/ wave driver simultaneously,- and when the music plays, play along w/ it w/ Galaxy Vintage D in Kontakt.



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How do I set media player to use this "wave driver?"


WAVE driver is just only an example,- Quicktime for Windows uses "wave out" but it´s optional/user selectable.

Normally in mediaplayers, selection of audio out devices you find under the "audio" tab or such in "preferences".


Normally, when using Windows Media Driver, it uses the onboard audio device by default and that´s the audio output from your computer, not your ASIO soundcard.

There are also WDM (Windows Direct Music) drivers in Windows OS and/or these coming for your computer motherboard´s sound device which had been installed when you had set up your machine.

You cannot use a mediaplayer for Windows and a VST/ASIO application together and simultaneously w/ your ASIO soundcard, you´d have to use the outputs from your ASIO audio card for Kontakt and the onboard audio output from your computer and mix these signals on a hardware mixer.


The only exception would be using a multiclient ASIO driver and a mediaplayer being able to use ASIO too,- then using different ASIO inputs w/ the outputs of each application.


There aren´t many audiocards offering multiclient ASIO drivers.

AFAIK, Terratec offers such drivers and there might be some more.

I cannot tell you which mediaplayer can use ASIO because I don´t have this problem.

I´m using Windows computer systems w/ Creamware and Sonic Core DSP cards which offer ASIO & WAVE devices which I´m able to use simultaneously on each machine and it works w/ any ASIO application as well as any mediaplayer out there.


Once you have found a mediaplayer using ASIO drivers, the free and unofficial Steinberg multiclient ASIO driver might do the trick running both, KONTAKT and mediaplayer w/ your ASIO soundcard, making the consumer audio subsystem obsolete,- see here:



It seems, this driver works once you´ve found a mediaplayer using ASIO as it´s output device.



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Yeah. Thanks. The multi client Asio driver I couldn't actually get to work with two apps at once. No big deal though cause when I used it alone with kontakt it added much more latency.


Guess I need an external sound card in addition to my onboard audio



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