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Komplete Audio 6 USB MIDI/Audio Interface


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I am thinking about buying Komplete Audio 6 Interface usb midi/audio Interface. It runs about $225 and you get Cubase 6 (a scaled down version of course) and Komplete Elements which has 3GB of software instruments. If I register my copy by December 31, 2012 I can also get Guitar Rig 5 for free.


I used to have a Tascam 122 interface, but after I upgraded from XP to Windows 7 they stopped making drivers for it that would work. I also bought Cubase 3 (Light version of some kind) and Kompakt.


I don't want to invest in another interface only for it to go obsolete, because the vendor decided not to make new drivers for it etc. Does anybody know if Native Instruments is good for support.


It also is suppose to come with 6 input channels for audio and 1 midi interface. The tascam only had two audio inputs, so this will be a welcomed addition as I have three synths, and a drum machine. Currently I use a Fostex 8 track digital recorder to record and mix with.


Does anyone have any better recommendations for about the same price or currently use this product and can give me some feedback. I like this cause I get Komplete Elements soft synths, but I'm not exactly sure what instruments it covers. It also comes with Cubase to record to. My pc is a toshiba satellite laptop with a 500 GB drive, windows 7 and 4 GB of RAM.


My main purpose for getting this product is that over time I can build a collection of software synthesizers etc.

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Perhaps you might compare it to the Presonus Audiobox 44 VSL bundled with the Virtual Studio Live and Studio One Artist. I have never been comfortable with Cubase and a lot of folks say the Presonus DAW is very user friendly.


I'm still on the fence, like you, and would like to hear other feedback.


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I have heard nothing but great things about Komplete Audio 6. I reckon if its as good as people say, its worth the price for the hardwaree alone. I would take the bundled synths as a big bonus.


There are various other companies offering similarly speced devices for similar money, but I think you cant go wrong with this one. I have had some nightmare issues with Presonus (noise, failures, preamps..). M Audio are pretty good and should offer something for that price range. All of em bundle software these days, but when it comes to softsynth/hardware manu's NI is tops. For that reason if I were in your shoes I would go for it. I would imagine it will be supported for many years to come, so I wouldn't worry too much about that,

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Thanks for the input gentlemen. I decided to go ahead and buy The Komplete Audio 6 Interface bundled with Cubase, Guitar Rig 5, Traktor, and Komplete Elements. It seemed like a pretty good deal.


I've played some of the software instruments already and they sound pretty good. I'll let you know more after I mess with it some more.

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