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RIP General Norman Swartzkopf


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Stormin' Norman has gone to his last reward.


IMO, he was a fine military man and he served his country with honor. He was an excellent Leader, Strategist and Tactician. He was a no-nonsense, no B.S. guy.


I recall one incident during the war, General Swartzkopf was narrating what the reporters were seeing on the screen in front of them. There was a bridge with a car going across. The pilot deploys a weapon and the explosion happens right behind the car as it speeds off the bridge. Gen. Swartzkopf commented "Now there's one lucky sonofabitch".


Hand Salute!

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Even a dove like me can appreciate Swatzkopf's service and dedication. He became somewhat of a celebrity during "Desert Storm", and was refreshingly human after years of Westmoreland's stiff and cold persona during Viet Nam.


Rest in Peace, soldier.


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