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Steinway no longer for sale


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Confusingly, Steinway & Sons is part of Steinway Musical Instruments which was formerly Selmer. I guess they were considering selling the band instruments or the whole thing.


"Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of musical instruments. The company operates in two segments, Pianos, and Band and Orchestral Instruments.


The Pianos segment offers pianos under Steinway & Sons, Boston, and Essex brands; and engages in online music business. It sells its products to professional artists and amateur pianists, as well as institutions, including concert halls, universities, music schools, houses of worship, hotels, and retirement homes through independent dealers and distributors in the United States, Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, Belgium.


The Band and Orchestral Instruments segment manufactures and sells piccolos, flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, trumpets, French horns, tubas, and trombones, as well as intermediate and professional level woodwind and brass instruments under Bach, Selmer, Selmer Paris, C.G. Conn, Leblanc, King, Armstrong, Holton, Yanagisawa, Vito, Emerson, Avanti, Noblet, and Benge brands. This segment also provides acoustical and tuned percussion instruments, including outfit drums, marching drums, concert drums, marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, orchestra bells, and chimes under Ludwig and Musser brands; and distribute violins, violas, cellos, and basses under Glaesel, Scherl & Roth, and William Lewis & Son brands. In addition, it manufactures mouthpieces and distributes accessories, such as music stands, batons, mallets, straps, mutes, reeds, pads, chin rests, strings, bows, cases and instrument care products. This segment sells its products to students, amateur and professional musicians, and institutions through independent musical instrument dealers and distributors in the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


The company, formerly known as Selmer Industries, Inc., was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts."

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It's always funny when we learn things as side effects of someone posting a detailed company profile. :-)


Specifically, I didn't know Yanagisawa was part of that product group, but did know about every single other brand other that umbrella. Formerly, those were Elkhart Indiana based firms on the whole. I wonder if Yanagisawa got added recently?


I also didn't know that corporate headquarters of the re-branded Steinway Music Instruments company is no longer in Elkhart Indiana but now in Waltham MA, which is an old mill town that could use a little rejuvenation. I used to live in that town.

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