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Ray Kurzweil to work at Google


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Thanks for posted that, suddenly I feel...very very normal... in fact boringly so.


Personally I give a lot of leeway to the original creative mind.


If out of thousands of ideas came one quality-of-life-changing one, then were not all of their misses worth it? The winning idea might even be an unintended one of the original goal of the research, in fact often is.


"It is a danger to create something and risk rejection. It is a greater danger to create nothing and allow mediocrity to rule."

"You owe it to us all to get on with what you're good at." W.H. Auden


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Thanks for posting that. I suddenly feel very very abnormal. Even more so than usual. So much so that I've folded myself up a new tin foil hat and twisted up something to calm my shakes.


I suppose a winning idea depends on your definition of winning. No doubt, a Google Kurzweil mind meld will produce some quality-of-life-changing results. I'm grateful that I won't live long enough to fully appreciate all of that. When I think of Ray I think of Monsanto Frankenfood, Ted Williams in a jar, Madame Curie dying of radiation poisoning, and Frankenstein himself. I fear for the future of humanity.


I also have some unpopular opinions about Big Brother, computers, and the internet. It's funny that one of my computer science heros doesn't think a whole lot of Ray either. Bill Joy articulates much better than I ever could why Ray disturbs me so much.


The idea of Ray and Google teaming up takes my rosy outlook on the future to a whole new place. That's two kinds of creepy in one that I'd never even considered.


Good luck, kids.

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