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Where do you buy/get your custom foam for a hardshell case?


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Hello All,


I have a few old but still great condition hardshell cases that I have decided to refit for equipment they weren't originally fitted for. So, they'll all need refoaming.


Any recommendations on where to purchase custom sized/cut foam to self install, and/or, where to have foam custom fitted/installed?


I prefer to be frugal if at all possible, but want quality.


If it matters, I'm in the southern California (Orange County) area.



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I found (white) foam available in a large variety of sizes from a local store that sells materials for furniture repair and making such things as pillows. They carried a lot of things that ladies used for making decorations. Don't remember the store name, but it was not part of a chain.

They had sheets of various thicknesses that were about six feet long, and charged by the square yard. Thicknesses (uncompressed) ranged from less than an inch through a foot or so. This was several years ago, when I purchased a hard case for a PC2 that was considerably too large (my later purchase for a PC3 was from a different vendor, and it fitted well with the supplied material).


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Most people who do upholstery swear by electric carving knives! You may be able to get one cheap at a second hand or thrift store A bread knife will work too if you must do it by hand. Some people also hacksaw blades. Use a blade long enough to saw through the material on each stroke. Try not to compress the foam as you hold/cut it or you'll end up with a wavy edge and keep your blade perpendicular to the foam. At the foam shops I've been to they use a band saw or a foam saw. Most foam shops will cut it to size for you if you've bought the foam there. Good luck!


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You can try a local upholstery shop, they can order it for you.

Furniture uses open cell foam, which is fairly soft but does come in different densities. My wife is in that business, and she uses an electric knife to cut it.

You might ask if they have some decent used foam, or foam pieces.

It is possible to glue pieces together with trim adhesive to reline a case. I've used old pieces for various cases in the past, and it worked OK for me. YMMV Don


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Go to a quality foam and fabric store. They have all kinds of foam and the right equipment to cut it. One in my area has the high density grey foam that is used in the road cases. You can take your case to them and they will cut whatever size and thickness you need then glue it in for a custom fit.

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The electric carving knife suggestion is the way to go.


Grey foam is typically used rather than white foam (which quickly shows use, dirt, etc.)


A source you might try is: www.tchweb.com

phone: 1/800/465-6281.


When foaming a case, bear in mind that the bumping blocks at the end of the case, etc., are of a harder consistency than the rest of the foam, so you'l probably want two types of foam to get the job done.

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