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Winter NAMM KC Dinner 2013

Dave Bryce

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Boy, if ever there were a year for me to do it, this would be the year. The industry conference that I attend every January in LA runs the same week as NAMM this year. My conference ends on the 24th, and the NAMM dinner would be on the 25th. Are any of the industry Forumites here able to score me a badge to the NAMM show? If so, I'd love to find a way to stay and join you guys for dinner!


Shamelessly soliciting,


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I didn't think I was going to be able to go , and now it looks like I am going after all. So I will show up at the dinner.


They pushed the deadline for getting a pass up to January 3rd, and someone I work with secured a pass for me.


I have very much enjoyed meeting some of you over the past couple years. The only issue I have with the dinner is that I am VERY much not used to eating heavy Italian food. I think last year I ordered a drink and hung out anyway, but had to split early to catch a performance that I wanted to hear of some friends of mine.


I usually listen to the bands at the Marriot because of the comfortable seating rather than the standing room only at the Hilton.

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Man I would love to go and put some faces to these screen names.


Jason, if you can't make the show but want to see some faces to go with names, go check out my pics from previous years.


NAMM Dinner 2012


NAMM Dinner 2011


NAMM Dinner 2010


NAMM Dinner 2009


NAMM Dinner 2008


Thanks man haven't seen you around here in awhile.

"Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"






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Mike M

Marzzzzz +1

OB Dave







Ken Eleven Shadows +1



If I got everyone who said they're in, that's sixteen.


A moment of your time, if I may.... :wave:


Every year (and I actually mean every year) on the day of the dinner, who is and who is not coming jumps around - usually last minute adds. NAMM is a very busy show for me all day, and making multiple changes to the guest list is a drag - not just because it takes time, but also because the Buca folks really don't like it. They typically insist that oversized parties use a much more restricted preselected prepaid menu, and I assure whoever the current manager is that we have this down, we do this there every year, and will be no problem, etc...then, proceed to call them with flurries of changes to the reservation, usually the day before or day of the event. As the only place that really accommodates big parties easily, they're always packed and changing our reservation isn't easy for them.


So, here's the thing: If you're a forum member - an actively participating forum member - you should see this thread. If you see this thread and want to come, you will respond in this thread.


I'll make the reservation next Friday (12/28) based on the list in this thread, and I'll probably add a few more slots to be safe, as I usually do....but once it's made, I reeeeally don't want to be changing the reservation. Hope this doesn't sound terribly unreasonable or dickish - seriously - I'd just really like to avoid trying to handle the merry mixups that inevitably occur. :idk:


That being said - if one of you gentlemen who will be at the show and not working it want to take the reins as far as making the reservation, changing it if necessary, dealing with any changes that may happen at the show, I am open to surrendering that role.....







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