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Hey guys, what is a good slow-down/looper program for Windows 7? Simple, inexpensive, downloadable, reliable. MP3 playback with the ability to slow it down without changing pitch obviously, and to loop a section of the mp3, these are really the only two features I need. And how about the same question for Windows 8 and/or Android tablets? I seem to remember reading that these features are available on Windows Media Player but if that's true I can't seem to find them. Thanks!

Rich Forman

Yamaha MOXF8, Korg Kronos 2-61, Roland Fantom X7, Ferrofish B4000+ organ module, Roland VR-09, EV ZLX12P, K&M Spider Pro stand,

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on my quest to find exactly what you are looking for, to play along and practice parts with Win7 or Android, I finally settles on "Amazing Slowdowner" for Win7, really awesome program, though costs a bit, but IMHO definitively worth it, in particular, the quality of the sound when slowed down is awesome, plus MIDI controllable.

On Android, the audio ability is rather poor, you might try "Audio Speed Changer", OK for simple looping, slowing down sounds a bit weird though.

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