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foot switch for leslie 3300


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Hi, guys, can any one tell me the right foot switch to use for the 3300. I just purchased a used unit on line in great condition, but the store failed to tell me there was no switch. I definately need a switch that allows for full brake as well as slow and fast. Thanks.
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Yep that is how it works.


The Hammond switch is the FS-9H. It has 3 color LED to tell you the status I think. You can get it for around $40.


I control the Leslies from the XK3c I have no hand on experience with the switch.



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Its a "standard" keyboard switch on a quarter inch plug, similar to what a number of keyboards use.

I have used it directly on my 3300, and on my SK2 when using the 8 pin Leslie cable. If no 3300 is connected to the SK2 it will control the Lesliesim.

From the Leslie 3300 manual page 7 (about the footswitchjack on the 3300):


This jack is used in conjunction with the optional FS-9H Foot

Switch, to control various modes of this unit. If you momentarily

touch the pedal, it stiches from Slow to Fast speeds. if you hold

the pedal down for 1.5 seconds or more, the rotors will stop rotating



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