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Ashdown question


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I haven't played one personally, but the reports I'm hearing over here are very good, and if this band I'm rehearsing with gets off the ground I'll be putting money away to get one for myself.


Best to Google around & see what data you can pick up. I'm on www.basschat.co.uk and there's a few threads on that that are worth reading.


General opinion is that it sounds pretty much like the 'big' Ashdowns so if you like the sound they make, you'll like this, and that the QC is pretty decent. Also, there doesn't seem to be much of a difference to the power/volume delivered to either 4 or 8 Ohms due to a quirk in the Bang & Olafson module used in it - it's loud enough. Like all oddball units, you have to learn how to use the EQ to get the best out of it.


Better than a Crate Powerblock, though!!!





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Tried one out at a band practice recently, was also looking for a small poweramp style head. With gain set to peak just under 0 It stayed clean and accurate from low to full master output, little to no colouration or drive.


The EQ wasn't super intuitive but was enough to compensate against the room and cabinet.


Maybe the one I tried maybe was a little underpowered; as I had to run the master on FULL to keep up, and not having any headroom from there was a worry... I have an odd feeling the speaker cable I used with it was not actually a speaker cable... ... :/


Tried out the Orange Terror Bass 500W the week after and had much better results. Plenty of clean gain and ran the output at a more usual 1/4 volume and am leaning towards that atm.

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