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Should I rush and buy a korg M3R for 80 euros?

Michele C.

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The local store has one of these for sale at 80 euros. I play guitar and bass and have an Oxygene control keyboard and analog input.

All of my MIDI setup at this time is a leftover QY10 that I use to have some piano sound without turning on GarageBand or Live.

The QY shows its age and the sound is not so good, even for practicing.

I would like a better sound module for casual study and as output for Band-in-a-box or Earmaster.

For eighty eurobucks I think it might be worth it, the rack physical would match my compressor, I guess.

The key questions are:


1) would I have a good piano sound for practising my voicings? (I have a Yamaha in the living room and I love it, but it is unusable when kids or wife are doing something else)

2) would it sound better than what I have in GarageBand and Live?

3) generally speaking, is it dated as the Roland D10 I have installed in my kids' room? Does it sound too '90?

4) as a general midi device would it beat the software synth of the Mac as output device for BIAB?

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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Hi Michele,


some months ago I sold a Korg M3r for my brother and quickly went through some of the patches. So here's what I can say:


1) The piano sound is flat and two-dimensional, and it did not seem to respond to velocity. For me that would not be tolerable in a practice instrument.

2) Nooooooo. Unless you are in for cheesy 90's dance/techno music. Then it's probably the best you can get.

3) I've never played one, but the sounds on the M3r are for modern standards quite terrible IMHO

4) Not sure about that but I don't think so.


However, YMMV. You could look up some M3R demo-videos on Youtube and listen to its sounds.

It's not a clone, it's a Suzuki.
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It's like a Korg M1 Light


Many of the same sounds, including the piano.


It's probably worth the 80 euros, but the answer to your questions

1. No

2. Maybe

3. Probably

4. Not familiar with the Mac software synth


This from a Korg guy that owns one.


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Thank you all guys, I know nothing of keyboards and am a bass and guitar player who uses keys for studying and understanding theory.

Your comments help making a decision. I think I will pass this one.


Update: i fired up Live and the standard piano in Simpler and it is more than enough for my present needs. I also received a mail that announces a great set of Rhodes and Wurlitzer piano samples by soniccouture that might be worth the 69 euros. End of the story.

-- Michele Costabile (http://proxybar.net)
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