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Scam? Check out this CL Ad...


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Maybe but then you never know when an emergency comes up and you need cash fast. I have sold some stuff dirt cheap less than half its value to pay for funeral expenses.

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Looks like the SK2 and 3300 are being sold for 1/2 their retail prices.


It could be a hardship sale or those items fell off the back of a truck. :laugh::cool:



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I'm always skeptical of such a low price:


1) When the seller doesn't say why he's selling at such a low price

2) The pics are stock pics.

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"Will become available on May 1st" when it was posted on the 15th is a bit odd, too. However, it could be because the poster relisted it and forgot to edit, though I doubt it.

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I should respond and say "my shipping agent will pick it up" and "I will give you a cashiers check for double the amount"

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Scam! - but you never know unless you try!
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