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Another X-Stand Nightmare


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I can't find the 2nd tier for this, or the comparable OnStage WS8540/WS8550 models, by google, ebay, sweetwater, or musician's friend. Any clues?



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Forgive me as I'm having problems with attachments right now but I posted elsewhere on this subject so here it is.

First of all I love my double x-stand. There, I said it. Yes I drool over the better stands but I simply cannot afford any of them...too many grandchildren. Yes, I have nightmares about it but I've also replaced the center bolts with grade 8 bolts, I have a nylon strap that straddles under the 88 and onto the horizontal rests, and my boards lock in a manner that also helps prevent collapse. Once disconnected from the "underverse" (pedals,cables,etc.) the whole thing can be moved as a single unit. One stand only...triple tier from hell.





(note: at this point the stand is "locked" to the 88. Grab the piano and the stand goes with it)







That's fascinating. Are those custom tiers? Also, how are they arranged front-to-back (i.e. can you see the controls of the all the boards)?




If you look at the first pic you can see that I've jammed a set of Add-a-Tier's into the back of the upper legs of the stock second tier tubes. It took some finesse, swapping parts around and such but no power tools were required. The third tier was needed/added when I got a gig requiring an immediate rompler for brass/strings/whatever. Can't afford the red stuff so I got an ultralight X50. Not shown are the quick release straps that I use to lock down the X50 by way of those brilliant handles.

The off-sets between boards are just right giving me access to all displays and controls. The 88 (p120) was chosen for sound, feel, PRICE, connectivity, weight, and it's minimal display/control surface. The lower beds approach Hammond console specs (Hammond height between beds is 2.5", here it's 3.75" and front to back the separation is 1.5" where Hammond offset is just .5") with the added compromise being weighted left hand organ bass and comps(brutal but great exercise). I've carried the whole thing offstage with one other person on the other end and when done the stand folds up like any other stand.

One important thing is that where the "teeth" match up on the tiers(six angles)I've made permanent tooth alignment marks to eliminate painful guesswork and makes setup much quicker.

One of the worst tricks that could ever be played on me would be for someone to erase or relocate those marks.


(PS: Sitting in the audience at a show I watched a keyboard player's second tiers simply rotate and collapse the top bed onto the lower bed...trapping his hands in between. Everybody just turned and looked at me(Mr. Fixit/kbd player)so I walked up and lifted the top keyboard off of his hands and set it over on the floor. Applause.)


Please note the absence of any verticals (shudders) here.

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I hate X-stands. I own three of them (2 double-braced, 1 single) but they rarely leave the house and then they are doing duty holding up a modular or something similarly light weight.


I especially hate them as backline, especially the stupid 2-tier ones. You can never get the second tier where you want it or even where it's remotely comfortable / ergonomic. Hate, hate, hate.

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Aha, thanks. What's the setup process on a gig? Do the bar and tier parts have to come off for transport? I think yes, which would make it too fiddly for gigging.


I like the 10 second setup of a pair of X stands.

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The back of the second synth rests on the angled second leg of the tier. It's actually semi-floating about a 1/2" above the P120:front feet resting on the p120, back feet floating in space behind the p120. The second synth "could" be pushed straight back and it would fall to the floor, but the third tier locks it down and it won't move in any direction. It's kinda nuts but I just got very lucky with this specific rig... after a lot of trial and error.


Quick disclaimer: I have no love for X stands in general, and I have absolutely no use for any single leg X-stand ever in life. Also,no two x-stands are built alike regardless of model and I've checked as much as I can check including the weaka@@ welds.


One day it will fail and that is part of the magic as it's kind of amazing that it works at all, and is very fun to play.


Everything also talks to everything but that's another story.

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