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RIP Donna Summer


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She was a heart breaker in her day.... :(
She virtually singlehandedly made disco credible. Her and Chic.

Man, what a loss.

RIP Donna


Much agreed!

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Yeah, right on. In both cases, r&b elements were fused with guitar rock, Latin music, and other elements, to create a new genre.


And how amazing that she followed up on those uber-mix albums with a carefully crafted double album songfest ("Bad Girls") that ranged from 40's nostalgia to guitar rock. A perfect voice to boot; often compared to Whitney Houston in that regard.

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i was like, soooooo in love with that chick when i was younger..i hated disco, but i really dug her.


wrote her a letter once when i was younger, she wrote me back a very sweet letter and sent me an autographed picture of her. i found out later that was really rare, so i feel special.


classy lady with a great set of pipes, and beauty that never faded...no whitney who?ston action hype.


sucks. especially going from f*ckin' lung cancer.


rest in peace, baby..

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