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stupid pedal tricks, the bias clipper in the buzztain...


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here's a quick cheezy demo of the bias clipper in this circuit, the burns buzzaround,


sometimes it sounds like it's gargling, it's cool. check it out. you could even put it on a switch! ;)



synthy, mouthy, funky, fuzzy, lo fi, screaming bizzarro octave fuzz and a whole lot more!!!


this is just the pedal, two cords, a cheezy guitar and a cheezy amp!


i call it a bias clipper cuz it's kinda what it does. will let you completely change the contour and sound of the distortion from very buzzy like a bronx cheer buzz, to the jawari thing, and smooth right on up to full tilt fuzz. i used 105k resistors when i built this, and the 220k i specified is really just the two 105k's in series. 10pf on the cap, you can build the whole thing on the back of the pot.


really opens up the sound options of the fuzz. i'd start with the fuzz up full, and the bias clipper off...then slowly turn it up and see what the controls do. the controls become hyper-interactive with each other, but you can crank it full blast and then just adjust it with the add on circuit alone. it's cool, bro, and if ya don't like it, well, nothing ventured nothing gained.


but i think you'll diggit...:




i used a combo of 1n34 and 1n34a's for the diodes...different kinds of casings.

the 105k cap goes across the 500k linear pot. the 10p cap goes between pin 3 and wiper of pot, diode clipper connects between wiper and pin 1.

add 220k or thereabouts of resistance from pin 3 of the pot, and hook that to the junction of base and the input cap in parallel on q1.


connect B+ to the wiper. it will let you bend and warp the distortion at will...i think it's a worthy addition.

not sure what it does, but i think it feeds square waves back into it that are heavily clipped and rectified from the diodes, and with the original signal being the source, after being amplified by the transistor...feedback loop or something?

it also seems to brown out the pedal. can get nice pwm kinda fuzz, all the way up to like gary moore kinda ooooooohs. buzz to fuzz. try it, and let me know what ya think.


fwiw, the pedal in question was built on the guitarpcb.com fuzzy bee, which is based on the burns buzzaround.

this one is an npn negative ground version, using the following transistors:


q1 pn2722n npn hfe 286


q2 nte 2n2219a npn hfe 140


q3 mpf102 jfet...may be in backwards, the flat side is going to the left, rather than the right.. (with the trannys on the bottom half of the board)


here's the original burns schematic:




just add in the bias clipper where specified. hope ya like it. i really do.

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