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Anyone heard a Yamaha DXR10 yet?


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I've just gone through a pretty thorough round of comparisons with these cabinets.


I like the Yamaha, but find it not as smooth in the high end as the QSC. If I didn't have my K10's, the DXR might give me pause, only because of the lower price point. I'd probably still go with the QSC, but it's the first product that I've felt was really competitive against the K10.


The real winner in the Yamaha lineup are the subs; much better than the K-Sub, if not as load-in/-out friendly. ;) I'll be adding either a single DXS15 or two DXS12's (probably the latter) to my K10 rig in the summer (they're backordered until June here in Canada :freak: ).

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Nice one Sven.

On a side note, have you ever compared Yorkville NX55ps with the K series or any others? I have some rented from Long and McQuade, and as you know they dont carry EV, JBL or QSC so its virtually impossible for me to get a comparison going, but perhaps you have managed?



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Curios if anyone else has had experience with using the dxr10 as a keyboard amp. Sven's comments were very helpful and was wondering if others felt the same about the dxr10?



Nord Stage 3 Compact, Korg Kronos 61, Casio PX-5S, Yamaha DXR 10 (2)), Neo Vent, Yamaha MG82cx mixer and too many stands to name.
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There's a DJ (Al Poulin) over in the HC Live Sound forums who either owns or uses pretty much everything you guys have brought up - and loves to write about it. He's not a keyboard player, but if you care to wade through his opinions at all here's a link to his threads:



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