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Playing a Kronos 61 from PC3X


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I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this combination, especially when it comes to playing the Kronos acoustic pianos from the PC3X keybed. Do they "play nice" together? Any velocity mapping issues? I have the PC3X, and I'm thinking about getting a Kronos 61. Any other thoughts/advice concerning this rig?




P.S. I cross-pollinated this post on a couple of other forums (Geez, can you guess which ones?) and received a small number of mixed responses. One respondent reported feeling a sort of "detachment" at the moment when the keys are depressed...sort of a delay or latency at the attack portion, but a couple of others said that using the "Piano" or "Hard 2" velocity map helped a lot.



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I have a PC3, not an X, so I can't help you there...but I did try playing my Kronos (specifically the pianos) from my CP-5. Honestly I didn't love it....but then again, I didn't try any different maps, and I'm really liking the CP-5's pianos so I didn't feel the need to spend too much time trying to dial the Kronos in to the CP-5's keybed.





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