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Listening to Audio MP3's on Hammond SK1 and prep of drive


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I finally resolved my issue with updating the op system on the SK1. Now I am having an issue with listening to Audio files. This is the procedure I've done. Tell me where I've gone wrong:


1. Formatted disk drive on SK1 as per manual

2. Created a playlist in Itunes of about 50 songs.

3. Copied the playlist and pasted it into the Audio folder

on the drive.


All the songs appear there when opened on the computer. When I take the drive to the SK1 it only lists and plays about 6 songs. Where have I gone wrong?

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How large are the files that aren't showing up? Does the SK-1 list the first five or six files in the list or are they seemingly picked at random? According to the manual it handles wav files better, I don't know why. I tried a few mp3s in mine a few months ago and it had trouble with one file that was larger than 3.5Mb. The files smaller than that played fine.


The manual mentions that wav files are identified by the file name but with mp3s it uses the"ID3 tag (V1 or V2)". Does the creation of a playlist have some effect on that as opposed to just copy/pasting files?

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Thanks for the information.


Here is a link to the company home page:


Switch mp3 converter


I downloaded the free version and it converted the mp3s I had tried previously and they played properly. Use the 44.1kHz 16bit stereo attribute. I tried the default (6kHz, 16bit mono) to see if smaller files would work and they didn't.

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