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Korg Kaoss Pad - anyone find use for one ?


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A couple of years ago I acquired a KP3, as it was at a bargain price & I'd read some good things about them.


From the word go, however, I failed to see what all the fuss was about.


It's looking like it's going on my clear-out list... unless someone can enlighten me to make me go "wow" !


Any experience / advice ?



some stuff on myspace


Nord: StageEX-88, Electro2-73, Hammond: XK-1, Yamaha: XS7

Korg: M3-73 EXpanded, M50-88, X50, Roland: Juno D, Kurzweil: K2000vp.

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I used it in a little trio (piano sax and vocal) in a little winebar I just used it as an fx unit and when I put loops through it I would often use the filter/stutter fx to make the loops sound more interesting (usually as a fill).


At least for my purposes the sampling time is too short to do anything worthwhile although there are some incredible beat-boxers on youtube doing great things with it.


I haven't even switched mine on in 2 years...

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I used the KP3 to play foley effects for a theater production. It saved me from carrying a laptop.


Then I used it for sound beds and loops. I tried putting my Nord through it, but it generally lowered the quality of the sound.


Finally, I just got rid of it.

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