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Got my Mojo switch finally!


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Damn, checked the mail today and nearly crapped my pants. After ordering a halfmoon with a pack 4 the end of Dec. I finally got the halfmoon switch that wasn't in the pack 4. Andrea was nice enough to send another one but there is no date on the package, so I don't know if it's the first or second. He was going to send a third with a tracking# via DHL which I asked to do as I waited for the second but didn't get it after a couple weeks. Hopefully that has not been sent out as he didn't get back to me on that and I just emailed him about getting this one. I can see why I didn't get this for so long and I wrote Andrea what I'm going to tell you.

-NO ZIP CODE on package, which there also wasn't on the pack 4 that DHL shipped out, but it was in my Paypal shipping address.

-A comma was handwritten in after my house # that made it look like a different house #.

-First letter of town name was mispelled.

The label was all handwritten so I recommended a printed label like was used with DHL.

But a zipcode would have cleared up much of this.

Thank God and be sure to tell them to include the use of zipcodes in your order with Swiss Post delivery that the USPS delivers.



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