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Non-keyboard amps used for your keyboard


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@ Learjeff:

The vibes are really a pain, but they are my primary instrument. I have several instruments. At my regular gig, I have a Musser ProVibe with a K&K pickup system on it. This works well, but it doesn't give the resonator sound--the bars are all "hot" a spiky. But in a live setting, using microphones requires a stage or other setting that allows lots of separation. I also use a malletkat with the built-in Kurzweil engine--it is surprisingly realistic and since its a synth, easy for sound guys.


With my keyboard, I'm actually using an approach that I derived from info you posted earlier. I have an older Yamaha p80 which has two outputs, both stereo. I have built a rolling stand for the keyboard and semi-permanently mounted the Bose bookshelf speakers you recommended so I can monitor myself in stereo (and these are all I need for very small rooms). But for most gigs, I also bring the Fishman soloamp and use it in mono from the other outputs. The sound combined between the stereo bookshelf monitor and the soloamp (a sort of line array) set at least 5 feet from me is quite full. Other musicians have complimented me on it. And it is an easy set up. Since I'm a vibist, I have to own a minivan. Vibes or keys, I roll/lift into the minivan and strap down. So load in and out is quick (faster than the bass player).


Anyway--vibes are WONDERFUL and I love playing them. But a huge pain. Sound guys much prefer my malletkat, or the pickup equipped vibe. But the attack from a live vibe with pickups on each bar can cause a great amp to break up. Also, it can cause weird buzzing vibrations from poorly insulated metal to metal or metal to plastic contacts. I had tried the Roland SA300 and had to return it for this reason. I had a similar problem with the Solamp, but the Fishman guys were great--once we isolated the problem, they walked me through taking the Fishman apart at home, finding the buzzing part, and isolating it correctly to stop the buzz. I preferred this, though they wanted me to send it to them to fix--since I could retest and refix with the vibe running through it.


My other stereo keyboard approach has been to use 2 small old GK keyboard amps, no longer made and described some years ago in a post.


probably too much information and no one cares...but maybe it helps explain why I ask odd questions about amplification.

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I'm playing a Korg SV-1 through a 1979 Fender Vibrolux Reverb. It's sounds nice and warm. I can get some natural overdrive thru the amp as well. It's a different experience than playing it through a PA.
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Other limitations of the Roland are a constant hiss

Actually, the hiss mostly comes from the mic preamps. If you're not plugging a mic into it, it's much quieter.

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Bose lifestyle powered speakers. A great deal for under $100; and you can often find them go for $50. I have two pairs; I use them as computer speakers and keyboard monitors.


I'm not a Bose fanboy. A lot of their stuff is overpriced, and these probably were too, when they were new. It's a good cheap bit of kit. Lound enough to play with a friend or two when they come over, but only if they're playing at reasonable levels. Won't compete with a drum kit. Stereo music sound good through them too, which I can't say for the Behringer powered speaker menioned above (which is louder, though).


Amazing! These look just like the old BOSE Roommate speakers from the 70's! I still use mine! They sound great and are loud! I had no idea they are still making them.

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