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Where to DL user programs/setups


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You will find additional PC3 programs and users in the SonikMatter forums and the Mastering VAST forums. Those and ksetlist (which is operated by one of Kurzweil's R&D developers) are the main sites. Each group has a somewhat different culture and focus. There are also several Yahoo groups on various Kurzweil models, but most files are found on the three named sites. In addition to the free patches, there are a number of commercial sound releases.


Mastering VAST: http://www.cunka.com/forum/index.php


SonikMatter: http://www.cunka.com/forum/index.php


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I've always been curious, just what is a "cunka?"


It's the South American relative to the North American "kanker". ;)


(or, if you believe the Urban Dictionary, "Cunka is the definition of a ballin chick taht b mad chill and hot. (sic)"

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