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Reunion Gig Video


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This band had some moderate national airplay in the late 60s, and a minor hit with the tune on this vid. (In those days, pop stations used instrumentals to fill odd time segments leading up to news breaks.) The organist was the first rock organist I really paid attention to. Clip is from a reunion 35+ years past their heyday.





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The original studio version of Apricot Brandy is one of my top 5 favorite rock instrumentals ever. I can listen to it over and over. This tune has been covered by many folks but I have yet to hear anyone get the opening guitar riff correct and that even includes the late virtuoso Danny Gatton! It must either be way harder than it sounds or maybe it sounds easy and nobody has taken the time to really learn it. I dunno. Story goes that even Rhinoceros guitarist Danny Weis had to start the song several times when playing a prom at Brien McMahon H.S. in CT. in the late 60's. Yes,national recording acts sometimes played high school proms in those days.


The rest of the first self titled Rhinoceros album is a winner too,despite vocals that were recorded too hot resulting in distortion. Really good tunes,crisp guitar work (twin Teles) and very fine organ work from Mike Fonfara add up to a late 60's soul/rock extravaganza. It has been re released on CD. There's always a copy in my car.


Rhinoceros has a pretty impressive pedigree. It was actually one of ,if not the first,calculatedly assembled supergroups. Each of these guys had some heavy credentials in their day. There is a quite comprehensive band history online. I found it by Googling Rhinoceros band.

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