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Hammond XK-3c and Leslie 122 speed control problem

Steve Force

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I searched but didn't find any other posts on this so.....


I fired up my Hammond XK-3c and Leslie 122 this morning and found I could no longer control the Leslie speed from the Hammond. I checked all connectors,all settings, even pulled the flash card to go back to default settings, but no joy.


The problem happens even if I do not hit the fast speed button (or kick it with the expression pedal) the Leslie starts spinning fast and stays there. Even if I disengage the fast speed button, or change presets even, the Leslie remains spinning fast.


I powered down all units several times, waiting a couple of minutes before re-powering, but the problem happened again. Started slow, then automatically kicked into high.


Anybody else had this problem? If so, what did you do?

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


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If it were me, I'd try to set up to test the Leslie itself if that's possible. That's what I did with mine (45) when I got it. That said, the 45/47 is a six pin and the wiring is pretty straightforward. I have no idea how the 122 is wired.

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Leslie 122 uses a DC high voltage relay for speed switching (whereas the 147 uses a 120v AC relay(.


Original idea was to take a B+ feed voltage from the Hammond preamp, and ground it to operate the relay. If for any reason (relay coil gone bad, wiring problem, or the XK3c is no longer providing the DC voltage to operate - the relay would stay open, and the speed would remain high.


As I recall, the B+ voltage was usually taken with a plug in adapter that connected to the 6x4 rectifier tube socket, so it would have been over 300 volts.


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I had a bad relay in my 122 and basically it would get stuck on fast. I had it replaced by eis - Bob Schleicher. Btw, I got the eis relay which is now made by trek (but Bob's design.)


Fwiw, I have the 1122 kit too and he told me it was the relay not the 1122.


Forceman, I'd recommend this mod :







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