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iReal B app


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Someone gave me a an iTouch and I finally got the iRealB app. What a wonderful program.


Reading forums for tunes on iTouch is kind of difficult scrolling through the pages. Is there any way I can use my PC and when I find something in forums I want to download transfer it to my iTouch? Now when I click on download from my computer, it doesn't know what to do.

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Copy the link on your PC into an email, send it to yourself, open the email on your iPhone/itouch, click the link


Not exactly what you wanted but a pretty easy work around.


You could also browse and put multiple links in that email and when your all done send them all to yourself in one email.


Good luck.

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I used to use kwyn's method and it's fine, but now I'm using Instapaper for that. It's well-integrated into many apps for iOS, has a nice link in Safari for adding stuff, and I paid for the app too as I was using it enough that I wanted to support the developer.

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