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Recording sessions, DIY with Barika- pics


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I'm in the middle of a pretty cool recording project. We are recording the second album of my band Barika. The first album ( CLONK ) we started at the drummer/engineer's home studio, then overdubbed horns and organ at my place. We spent a looong time on it. This time we're recording at my place from the start.


Between the drummer/engineer and myself, we almost have enough gear to record a band. Almost. We have to make clever compromises, which create problems for which we must later make creative solutions...:D I feel very much in the DIY spirit with this: Work with the gear you have (and the gear you can borrow) and put all the vibe you can into the music. Hopefully the end result will be appealingly quirky and full of life.


My end of the room. Just A100 and Rhodes during the initial tracking. During the recording those heavy acoustical curtains cover the windows.



View from the organ.



We will overdub the few piano parts once the drums are recorded. For now I'm recording scratch parts on organ or Rhodes to maintain a live feel for the rhythm section.



Drummer/Engineer: not your average drummer. Killer time, too. :)



This is the N'goni, which the leader and composer plays. He builds them too.



The N'goni amp is in the Bathroom. Note my precise acoustical treatment. ;)





The Leslie in the Laundry room!







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A generous friend lent us a few nice mics.



Basses! and the room mic on the shelves ;)



Um... we were short a couple mic stands. The poor trumpet player, who was kind enough to hang out and record scratch tracks so the rhythm section could bring a better vibe... has to sit alone in the foyer.



So far we are getting very good sounds!

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Looks like fun! One question, why is there a sideways mounted tom in front of the bass drum?

I'm not exactly sure what it does, but I've seen this a few times.

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One question, why is there a sideways mounted tom in front of the bass drum?



I saw that and wondered if it were maybe a deep snare. I used to have a couple of snare drums of various height one was a piccolo snare. Either way that might produce an interesting effect, never thought of it.

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Handy little thing for extending the bass, somewhat similar conceptually to how some people would use a speaker as a microphone.
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Wow, looks like a cool project, have fun! And this reminds me that I've been intending to pick up your first record for a while. Off to CDBaby I go...

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

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It's a mic in a resonant shell to pick up lows. You still put a mic on the BD head to pick up the impact.





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Handy little thing for extending the bass, somewhat similar conceptually to how some people would use a speaker as a microphone.

Yeah, the subkick actually has a speaker in it (used as a microphone). He gets a wicked sound.


Cool, Frog. What is that keyboard in the foyer?

That's a Casspinette toy piano that I rescued from my late grandfather's attic. Sadly it's not at concert pitch-- but my students get a kick out of it. I actually found a wealth of toy pianos at my grandfather's place (there's another wooden one besides).


Leslie in the laundry room - brings new meaning to the term "spin-cycle".

:D Haha! Perfect! Kinda strange that didn't even occur to me!


Not quite sure about those pillows though. :sick:


Maybe it's time for some new ones?

If by "pillows" you mean "precision acoustical treatment", then let me assure you, sir, that they are still perfectly functional. :D


What fun! Where exactly is your house again? ;)

Um.... just east of East Texas. ;)

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