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I am not sure I am in the right place but if I'm not you can tell me where to post. I am looking for someone to communicate with that knows the Yamaha cp5 keyboard. I just purchased 2 for our church. I am trying to layer a couple of sounds then save them to the user pref. I am so frustrated. I have tried to figure it out but I'm having no luck.



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You are in the right place you just need to change the topic title to "Help with the Yamaha CP-5" so people who know the CP-5 will read it.

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Whatsamatter, D - I thought you could work that bad boy as well? :idk::poke:

I don't layer...sounds. :evil:


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Too bad - those other voices really make the CP5 come alive... ;)

Like piano and strings? :sick::deadhorse:;)

Actually, it's the other sounds in the piano performances that are where the surprising fun is. Seriously. Some nice choices there.





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