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Oh no, not another one...


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Ronnie Montrose passed away yesterday. It can't be said enough, people. There maybe a time in a person's life when they can be casual about their health, but if you make it past 45, that's pretty much over, no matter how well you take care of yourself. Screening for prostate cancer is a simple blood test. Go get one. If they catch it early, it's very treatable and the survival rate is high.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.





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(Copy-&-pasted from another thread here)


Wow, that's too bad! 64 seems too young these days... He was a good player, definitely a part of the overall rock-guitar landscape, and probably more influential than most folks would immediately imagine.


"A few months ago, we held a surprise party for Ronnie Montroses 64th birthday. He gave an impromptu speech, and told us that after a long life, filled with joy and hardship, he didnt take any of our love for granted."


Particularly poignant.



We do "Make It Last" in a band I'm in, though we do a very different kind of version of it- much less bluesy/blues-rock than his original, and certainly not a faithful note-for-note rendition of it- more of a mutant hard-rock kinda thing where I use two-octaves-down fuzz, a little octave-up fuzz blended in, and a grinding Leslie-sim throughout. Think "Make It Last" meets "Hey Hey, My My" and "Smoke On The Water" in a seedy dive in a dystopian cyberpunk spaceport... He probably would have been mad at me for my take on it! Still, it's going to be a bit different for me when we play that song from now on. We'll have to mention his passing and dedicate it to him before we play it next time out...

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a finger in the a$$ can save your life. yah, it's unpleasant, yah, it's humbling, but it can save your life.


i wish ronnie had done it sooner..


and could you imagine if frank (zappa, also felled by this pox) were still here?

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Screening for prostate cancer is a simple blood test. Go get one. If they catch it early, it's very treatable and the survival rate is high.


Yep PSA test tells all at about 20% accuracy Mine is always high just a little, I have had two sets of Biopsies done on me. Both came back negative. I don't take my health lightly. I can give up almost anything and add almost anything to my diet, if I find out it is either bad or good for me.


Unfortunately, for many of my senior citizen friends, it is too hard for them to give up their life long bad habits.


Always have your PSA's done by your doctor and follow up immediately if there are questions. Early detection and you can have a 90% chance of full cancer free recovery using Proton Radiation, or radioactive seed implants. Or by having the Prostate removed also.

RIP Ronnie

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I'm due for a colonoscopy soon as I'm approaching 50. As much as I dislike the idea, I know it's a test that saves lives. Like the PSA, a bit of discomfort is a small price for an opportunity to catch something early! :thu:


Besides, the prep is 100 time worse than the actual test!



"I hate what I've become, trying to escape who I am..."



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I'm actually overdue for a colonoscopy, which I've been procrastinating on... thanks for the reminder, I THINK, LOL.

Actually, with the drugs they gave me last time, I didn't even really feel it. It wasn't that bad. It's the preparation with all the emetics that I hate!

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Oddly enough, they just changed the policy not to do PSA tests every year, or at least not to report the numbers to the patient. They were worried that too many men were getting upset about having cancer and deciding to do something about it, rather than the "wait and watch" approach that's usually better. Almost all men who live to age 70 have prostrate cancer, but most of them would live to 100 before it would be an issue.


Unfortunately, it's yet another health issue that hits black men worse than white men. Nobody knows why. I read a book about cancer where the author had a theory that the risk of prostrate cancer is increased by the number of times a man ejaculates in his life. Maybe that explains the racial difference. ;-)


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