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Walkin� after Midnight


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I have to learn this tune and already pulled off the basic chords, but there is a lot of cool intermediate chord voicing. The Patsy version is mostly steel.


If someone has a chord chart or where I can find a piano driven version it would save me a lot time. Looking for a standard chart. Thanks!

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I don't think a chart would help much since it's basically a I-IV-V progression, with an (optional) V# in the turnaround. Typical blues voicings would work just fine. For example, take the I7 2rd inversion triad (omitting root) -- in C, that would be Bb E G -- and walk that shape up a whole step or two and back down. That's one of the things the pedal steel is doing, except it's usually playing only two of the triad's notes, different ones at different times if my memory is correct. On the IV chord, do the same thing except start with the i7 chord (e.g., Cm7: Bb Eb G) and stay in the minor scale of whatever key you're playing in. I forget whether this would be dorian or ionian minor but it should be obvious.


Here's a nicely underplayed piano-driven version, but while it's brimming with ideas they might not be the easiest ones to cop.




Here's a more typical blues approach




When I'm looking for insights into interpretations of a song I search youtube and usually find a couple worth paying attention.


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[font:Courier New]Jeff,


Thanks for the input.


The last time I played this song the guitar player and I clashed a bit. I kinda thought there may be a standard chord structure with the intermediate chords as this guy was playin everything but 1 4 5.


I guess the mythical multiple chord change version I thought was out there isnt.



We play for free. We get paid to set up and tear down.
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