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RIP Davy Jones


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Hendrix opened for them - 'nuff said.


Yeah, that connection immediately ran through my mind, too. He had a good and fairly long run of it, really. Best to his Wife, family and friends!

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Yeah, we old "hipsters" have to humble up and admit it...we enjoyed watching "The Monkees". My ex was nuts about him. Me and Mr. Dobalina(Mr. Bob Dobalina) are saddened by this news.


Rest in peace, Davey.


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Soundtrack of my life, that was a fun series and some great music.



Amen. Said exactly what I was thinking. I spent a many Saturday afternoons watching "The Monkees". The music and that GTO with the 6-71 sitting on top that intake. Those were the days.


Cheer up sleepy Jean

Oh what can it mean to a

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R.I.P. Davy :)

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I was a teenager at the time the Monkees came out. My little sister loved them, but I was too "hip" - teenage sophistication, you know, LOL.


Though I was immune to their boyish charms, I did like a couple of their songs. They weren't musical geniuses, but not TOTALLY lacking in talent. Probably better than I gave them credit for at the time.


At any rate, I surely wish the best for Davy's family and friends.


As far as the show, I probably saw it a couple of times back in the day. Not sure what I'd think if I saw re-runs of it. It wasn't made for old farts like me, anyway!


I seem to remember that Steve Stills auditioned for the gig as one of the Monkees, and that Frank Zappa offered to teach Mike Nesmith lead guitar, but Mike said "I never learned." Zappa also said that the Monkees' records were better produced than those of most San Francisco bands at the time.

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I watched reruns of the show as a kid (I didn't realize the difference between The Monkees and The Beatles when I was a little kid... Help was always on TV here, too), and like that era of pop rock music in general so I dug the tunes later...


I play in a Monkees cover band from time to time, with guys who are really devoted fans... that's weird to me, my favorite Monkee is probably Louie Shelton, the studio guitarist who crafted a lot of the riffs that are hooks to the songs... but I love the songs and records... fun gig.


RIP Davy.

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Even though the Monkees we referred to a the "Prefab four" they still performed some great material. Last Train to Clarksville is a great pop rock tune by any standards, not written by them and the instruments were played by session player (Glen Campbell, Leon Russell, and Carol Kaye?)and I heard somewhere that it was a war protest song.

They did end up playing their own instruments eventually and did write some of their songs (usually penned by Mike Nesmith) and insofar as actual musical talent and contribution Jones probably contributed the least but they just wouldn't be the Monkees without him. His performance of Daydream Believer is very memorable. Ah, good memories of my youth even though I never bought their recordings until I was in my 40s!

RIP Davey.

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