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Good soft case for 76 note PC3? Musician's Gear? or Gator?


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For a PC3, that's roughly 47.5" long x 13.5" wide. Looking at this Musician's Gear bag that's $45. And also this Gator GKB76 that Amazon has now for about $64 with some kind of promotion. It looks like the Gator might be higher quality? But they have the Interior Length at 51.5"? And the Exterior Length at 52"?--either it has almost no padding inside, or maybe one of those dimensions is a bit off. I just want to avoid having to put a lot of extra padding inside every time I use it.






I also looked at the Gator GK-76, with wheels. It's $150, & might be overkill for my needs. I've also looked on local CL--heck I might buy a hard case if I found a great deal on a used one.


Would be for occasional use; I'll probably leave the PC3 set up in my house most of the time. Oh, & any other suggestions are welcome. TIA!

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I've had the 61 key Musicians Gear case for 3 years and it's held up well. I put a piece of 1/8" fiberboard and a towel in the zippered pocket to protect the large touchscreen on my Korg PA500. The Gator case which I use for the keyboard stand, mike stand, and misc stuff has not held up well, with the fabric tearing from the edge binding.



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The PC3 is the same exact size as the older PC2. I personally got one of the EBay moderate price hard ATA style cases for it. Unfortunately, prices have been going up steadily on them the past year or 2. I also have a larger one for the PC3X.


When I got the PC361, for one thing, I couldn't find any of the hard cases that really fit; so I bought the Kurzweil soft case for it from Sweetwater. I am well pleased with it - most of the time the 361 sits on the Z stand, but this makes it easier to move when needed. It seems sturdy enough on the 361. I have not seen nor tried the one that Kurzweil sells for the PC3. I would think the 88 key is too big and heavy for a soft case.

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That looks nearly identical to my Protec rigid foam case. I got it in 1997 for my 50-lb MR76 and am still using it regularly. It weighs 5 lbs and is the perfect protection for my keyboard since I move it myself in my van. I wouldn't use this in the band truck.


Protec unfortunately seems to have changed their designs, adding (IMHO) unnecessary wheels to their largest (52" length) case, which is also currently unavailable.


If I needed to replace my case, this Guardian would be top on my list.


When you order the case they'll probably ask you what keyboard it's for, and include foam pads for you to glue in to hold your keyboard snug. If they don't, you can always do this yourself. You can get the foam at fabric/craft stores, I believe.

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