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Bass Clef Tutor

Rocky McDougall

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I am sure most of you are familiar with the "Study Bass" site.

I have used it extensively, especially with my bass students. It has a wealth of information. They have a game called Bass Clef Tutor. It is very challenging. Try it and let us hear your best "consistent" scores.


You will find it under "tools"





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Another aid: for Android smartphone users, there is a free basic app called "Music Sheet Workout". You can choose to practice just bass clef. It's been great for me to have it on hand anytime.
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Another simple, yet most likely effective method? Write out a part that you know. Translate that into notation on a page. One of the biggest leaps for musicians in building their sight-reading skills is the process of feeling out where that bass part is going if they've never played it before. By writing out a part that you already know how to play, you're focusing your work on becoming more fluent in the written language.


And you know who offered this little nugget to me? Victor Wooten! I was at a clinic he was holding that was organized in conjunction with Hartke and Sam Ash. And our very own Fred TBP was there, too. Victor was pretty adamant that a musician needs to have sight-reading in their skillset in order to be successful.

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Every person learns, and retains what he learns, differently.


Personally, I like the transcribing by hand, pencil and paper. It's the only way it sticks with me. Otherwise I feel like I'm just watching.


thanks for the tips though, I'll have to try them out.

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