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Help identifying this sound? (example of Joakim Svalberg)


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Hey guys, I figured you guys could answer my question. I really want to know what "effect" / "sample" Joakim Svalberg of Opeth is using in the outro to the song credence live lately, Ive attatched a video link with the exact time to go to to preview the sound. I love the sound, but I just simply dont know what its called thus not knowing where to even look for a plug in that could replicate it. If any of you guys know the name of this sound or a program that can replicate it well, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you guys so much!


go to 4:09 youll hear it



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hey B3-er, Im somewhat new to synth keyboarding and Im using a large casio keyboard as a midi controller for studio work, its nothing fancy at all, its rather cheap but it gets the job done, Id like to one day own a nord, but until then, I have fruity loop studios which has various synth VSTs, would I be able to achieve this sound with that? and if not are there any virtual plug ins, vsts, programs that I could get that with? =) Thanks so much for your quick reply, I really appreciate it, Im going to look up stuff about what you just told me.



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