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cheapest portable midi controller with these features???


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I dunno a website that lists tons of controllers, and the one w/ the features i want for cheap might not be on eBay currently, I'll buy used.

-37 or 49 keys, not 25.

-split board if can.

-using with a portable laptop, so rechargable battery prefered or might need spare laptop battery for 3 hour session?

-mod and pitch wheel and at least 5 assignable prefer sliders to knobs

-usb or midi out? I dunno which soundcard/interface i'm getting. something cheap that just makes DAW & VST synths and FX not glitch on the cheapest used laptop that can do that.

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If you're using it with a laptop, your software can probably handle your splits and USB can provide power, so yeah, an extra battery there is probably the way to go. So that reduces your requirements to mod/pitch wheel and 5 assignable sliders. Alesis QX49 is probably cheapest.

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