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Moe, where is that Mojo?


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It's in Cincinnati. :facepalm:


After overcoming the freezing of an entire country, it landed in US Customs on Sunday, where they put a hold on it because they misread the package and thought there would be a duty. There wasn't, because the factory paid that already.


I had to get on the phone today and straighten it out, because Customs wasn't going to notify me or anything. :rolleyes:


I'm hoping to get it this weekend, if nothing else happens.



"I keep wanting to like it's sound, but every demo seems to demonstrate that it has the earth-shaking punch and peerless sonics of the Roland Gaia. " - Tusker


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I thought Italy had the most stupid customs officiers in the world! Everytime I order something from outside Europe I must ask the seller to write the shipping note in both english and italian otherwise the package remains blocked at the customs for weeks in search of somebody who can translate the notice!

Don't know if to laugh or to cry... these people do a job where knowing foreign languages is of vital importance.

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I am very anxious to hear your review. It will probably be a key factor in my choosing one myself so keep us posted.


Their order links are disabled on their website so unless there is another way than cart links it can't be ordered right now.




What has me a little concerned with Moe's is the time element held where there is a greater chance for mishandling/damage moving box around. The quicker, less time, the better.



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