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MC5 bassist dies

jeremy c

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Read it here.


I hung with these guys in Ann Arbor in the mid-60's and went to a lot of their shows, even jammed with them once on-stage at the Grande Ballroom. While all the pandemonium was going on, Michael Davis always held down a solid groove. I, for one, will miss him.


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The Stooges hung out with the MC5 and were often their opening act.

The MC5 sometimes referred to them as our "baby brothers."


I was a youngster (well, younger than JC, but not much) during that time in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Plymouth/Livonia area. You'd see those two bands on the bill often.


My favorite memory of the MC5:


In the early 70's my band was the house band (every other month) at a rock club in Ypsilanti. When big acts were in town we were the warm-up. The PA was ours. Part of the PA were JBL 2395 slant-plate horns. They worked great for shallow but wide rooms - smooth and nice dispersion. They looked like this:





We found (by trial/error) that we needed to watch what we were sending to those horns. The drivers didn't handle a lot. Mentioning this to the MC5 sound-man, he assured us he would be careful. There may have been some hearing loss involved (understandable, they were a LOUD band) as he desired more and more high frequency sound - the driver diaphragms blew during the 3rd song.


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